Hackers and the Future of Online Currency

As online sales soar during the Holidays, it is important for both business and consumers alike to be aware of online threats. Online hackers, who have gotten media attention recently for hacking companies like Sony and celebrities like Jennifer Lawrence, are finding out new ways to steal and leak information. It starts with businesses, especially […]

Finals Week and the Need for Caffeine

As students fight their exhaustion this Finals week, energy drink companies feel right at home. On campus I’ve seen the likes of companies like 5 Hour Energy, Monster, and Red Bull giving free samples to distraught and overworked college students. It is interesting to see who succeeds in this onslaught of promotions – or if […]

What Lies in the Future of Music?

Recent news of the governmental shutdown of The Pirate Bay, a file-sharing website, has me curious about the volatility of the music industry. It is widely known about free file sharing of music, especially in the younger generation, as hardworking musicians scrape by. If there is a will there’s a way for tech savvy millennials, […]