Integration of Sports Advertising (brought to you by Pepsi)

The analyst desk is now called the Sprite analyst desk, halftime is now brought to you by Visa, and this random statistic about the game is brought to you by Coors Light. Is this shameless plugging of businesses without any real relation to the content effective? While these businesses surely have the right outlet for sports games, are consumers actually paying mind to something that has no correlation besides simply exposure? I would have to assume that consumers do not need to see a correlation, and in general (if they paid attention) would assume legitimacy from the business as it is an official sponsor of the NFL. Also it is certainly always a well known brand in which a commercial may not be needed to persuade. From the NFL’s (or MLB’s, NBA’s..) perspective, it is just free advertising and extra revenue without taking up air time or really having to try.  However, you have to believe the irrelevancy of the business in relation to the miscellaneous sporting sanctions stops people from even paying mind. Nothing about the Visa halftime show is turning me on to Visa, but to Visa, it is a new way to become ingrained and completely intertwined with these incredible entertainment outlets.

One thought on “Integration of Sports Advertising (brought to you by Pepsi)

  1. Good point! The bottom line relevancy of the brand is sales. It is all about the blasting us mindless couch potatoes with brand impressions all day long. We see the people having so much fun on the Coors commercials, listen to the statistics of our fantasy football player brought to us by Coors and so subconsciously then maybe we will have fun and be cool by drinking Coors paid for with our new Visa card 🙂 Cheers


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