Community driven game ‘League of Legends’ becoming leading force in Long Tail

While not quite having the national recognition as the MLB playoffs, or the start of the NHL season, e-sports will bring together hundreds of thousands of fans this weekend for the World Championship of League of Legends almost under the radar.  The free online MOBA game League of Legends exemplifies how online content in the Long Tail market can have unmatched value. It had first gained popularity being released as a free game – giving the consumer little risk – and when they tried it, they found it to be incredibly fun and competitive. Further, those who pay money do not gain an advantage, which gave an even playing field for anyone who wanted to play. Early fans of the game directly reached out to Riot Games – the creator of League of Legends – who would listen and adapt to their desires. The community inspired balancing of the game, certain ‘skins’ to dress your character, and most importantly, competitive games of the best players broadcast directly to the players. Through internet mediums such as Twitch.TV, professional League of Legend games turned thousands of players into fans. Today, the game continues to thrive despite its free business model I believe because of their continued dedication to providing the best content to its users. While not nationally recognized, the game shows how a niche audience in the Long Tail can be significant enough to create something revolutionary.


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