Consumers: The Biggest Value to Businesses This Holiday Season

In a strategic move, companies this holiday season are countering the hype of a recent “Black Friday” trend to open stores on Thanksgiving Day. These companies are embracing values, family, and tradition; not just an opportunity for a cash grab. With this, we can see how competitive advantage has switched platforms, from seeking more customers to creating effective PR. Digitization can spread theseĀ messages like wildfire (I saw this story on my Facebook Newsfeed), and now people are thinking – “Well that is greedy of those other companies! Thanksgiving is meant for uninterrupted family time!” And for these companies, yeah, the amount of time open for sales may not be what it could be – but great PR is priceless, and very well could gather more interest on the REAL Black Friday. Also, they see it as a way to down-talk their competitors who choose to sell on the holiday. This is another example of how strong consumer power can be, with these companies basing their strategic business plans on consumer value and tradition.


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