Can I “Remove” My Name From Google?

Can one “remove” their name from Google?

This is a question that is very common today. With the seemingly all-knowing search engines pulling up information you didn’t even know about yourself, everyone seems a little on edge about their name appearing online.

Unfortunately, Google and other search engines don’t much care if you want to stay anonymous. Their goal is to provide users information about a search query. Your name, business, occupation: All search queries. It’s Google’s “responsibility” to find information related to ANYTHING searched.

So to summarize, no. You cannot remove your name from Google. 

What you can do, however, is flood the internet with positive information, or online reputation managementThese services are helping thousands of individuals, small businesses, and corporations worldwide improve positive results and suppress negative material in search engines.

Online reputation management isn’t the only option, as each individual case will differ. Here are a few examples of cleaning or improving your reputation on the web.

Reputation Search Campaign

As noted above, the most common solution when one wants to remove their name from Google is a reputation search campaign.

The strategy is to build a positive web presence through a strategic creation of social profiles, websites, blogs, videos, images, document sharing pages, press releases, and more.

If your name or business is on a public negative listing, such as RipoffReport, this is the best strategy to keep users from finding it.

Claiming Public Pages

Some websites, such as Zoominfo, are public databases of information that can be easily found on search engines.

If your public page has information you do not like, you can kindly contact the site to make changes or claim the page yourself. Once the page is claimed you can make desired edits.

It’s always recommended to control any and all public information tied to you or your business. Take advantage of what is visible and make yourself look good!

Keeping a squeaky clean reputation could mean the difference between landing new clients and letting them slip.

If you need assistance on claiming any public pages, please comment below and I’d be happy to guide you.

Review, Post or Page Removal

If an online review, post, or web page is slanderous or falsified, you can contact the website for removal.

As an example, a client recently had 4 negative Google+ reviews come in on the same day, from very fake looking accounts.

After having just 2 reviews over 2 whole years, this was very suspicious to me (as a digital marketer and seeing this so often), but to any average person using critical thinking skills.

I contacted Google and had them review the suspicious content. They removed 3 of the 4 slanderous reviews!

Each website has different features to request removal – if you need any help with specific removal requests, please comment below!




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