Gas Prices Dropping: Holiday Implications

With gas prices dropping all over the United States, is travel more likely to happen? It seems likely that “out-there” destinations will gain more traction this holiday season, and I think those resorts and such places can really take advantage by offering incentives. Also, with increased mobile use during traveling, there seemingly are a lot […]

Instagram Trumps Twitter

Instagram released that their user base now is 300 million, beating our Twitter’s 284 million users. It is interesting to note this societal trend and its means for business – are people becoming more visual? How important is Instagram for businesses? I think the possibilities are endless; campaigns that are visual can be that much […]

CVS Calls it Quits

The regional drugstore CVS Health recently made a bold move to completely stop selling tobacco products. Where once were rows of tobacco products are now rows of nicotine gum and patches – alongside signs offering assistance in quitting smoking from their pharmacy. Not only does this look good from the perspective of CSR, but it […]